The Bolt Age; an Amazing Indie Video Game

Game project; ‘The bolt Age’; An amazing indie Video Game.

The Bolt Age Game

So, what the hell is exactly ‘The Bolt Age Game’?

‘The Bolt Age’ is a dynamic action game, full of prodigious Steampunk designs and shadowy creatures from another dimension. In story mode, the player will enjoy hours of fun with this 3d Cover Shooter.

We will put ourselves in the shoes of William Bolt, an intelligent apprentice of science, Nikola Tesla’s pupil, but trained in the art of war with the purpose of stopping the announced invasion of inconceivable beings, coming from a dimension of death (H.P. Lovecraft creative Worlds)

Fortunately Bolt has an incredible armor and a fabulous arsenal designed by Nikola Tesla himself. Some of these weapons have a new strategic use, it will not be worth firing without more.

Do you want to see something?

Please take a look at our teaser, it’s surprising many!


Independent game development

TBA is an indie development, currently in the pre-alpha phase. We have the illusion, the knowledge and an elaborate production plan. In September 2018 we launched the Kickstarter campaign as part of the financing plan. We will publish that game definitively in December of 2019 for Windows PC through Steam, and later for XBOX ONE and PS4.

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Would you like to see a Gameplay? The Kickstarter campaign approved and ready to publish?

Soon we will be publishing news and more graphic material and contents about this project.
We are excited about our game, we hope that you can become as passionate as we are.

We invite you also to visit the main page, where we will be adding specific data about the crowdfundig, which will begin in September 2018 on the Kickstarter platform!

See you soon.


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