Creatures desing reference; Sonnie’s Edge

We can not say that “Love Death + Robots” is a direct reference at this moment. But it’s never too late to hallucinate and if you can, take some idea about design. This series is already a reference in the field of animation. Tim Miller is one of my references. Since I met his work in Blur Studio he happened to be in one of the top positions of my “TOP: people who want to be older”. This post is not to make a deep analysis of the series, but I have taken the trouble to make a catch to be able to drool and continue to grow. I share with you so that we admire the work of great and varied professionals who have worked in the 18 chapters that make up this first season, and we hope to have continuity. The captures of this post correspond to the first short / episode; “Sonnie’s edge” a Cyberpunk episode, dark and intense like the best coffee, with a digital Ruby Rose as the protagonist, and notes of “when the cinema of Kaijus slept with Pokemon”.

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