The bolt age controls keyboard


  • You can carry up to 6 different weapons at time; Light, medium and heavy fire firearms, Cold Steel, Fist + Special Weapon combo and grenades.
  • Press the “Tab” key or “Back” button on the controller to display the weapon wheel. You will be able to select weapons among those available quickly.
  • With firearms and / or grenades, you can use the right mouse button or the controller left trigger to aim more precisely.
  • Cold Steel weapons are easy to use and short-range, but pressing the right mouse button (or left trigger) while striking with the hammer or sword produces a special attack that deals medium-range damage.

Lithiocatcher Supreme (AKA Special Weapon)

  • When you select the Fist (in the center of the wheel), you can also use the “Lithiocatcher Supreme” (AKA Special Weapon) at time.
  • To use Lithiocatcher you can press the middle mouse button, or the button “B” of the controller, but remember that you must have the Fist / Lithiocatcher active to use it.
  • The Lithiocatcher activates an increasing spherical force field that acts on enemies in 4 different ways, depending on the mode you have active.
  • You can change the way the Lithiocatcher is used by picking up some icons.
  • You can use Lithiocatcher as much as you want. But the radius of the sphere and the active time of the effect are reduced with each use. To increase the radius, or the active time you can take two Pickups.

The modes of use are;


  • The energy sphere traps enemies hit.
  • You have a time when enemies remain trapped. By pressing again, you can release them before the time runs out, at the moment you consider convenient.
  • At the end of the countdown, the enemies respawn.


  • The energy sphere freezes enemies hit.
  • They remain frozen for as long as Lithiocatcher allows. By pressing again you can defrost them before the time runs out, at the time you consider convenient.
  • At the end of the countdown, the enemies are thawed.

Slow down.

  • The energy sphere slows enemies hit.
  • They remain slowed down for as long as Lithiocatcher allows. Pressing again, the enemies regain their normal speed.
  • At the end of the countdown, the enemies return to their original state.


  • The sphere annihilates the enemies hit.
  • Unlike the other modes, in “destruction” you only have one use. Then Lithiocatcher returns to the previous state.


  • Some doors locked with mechanisms will prevent you from moving forward. There are doors that open with a simple lever (press the “F” key or the “B” button on the controller). There are also others that to open them you will have to solve a little “puzzle” game.
  • There are different “puzzles”, but in all of them you must find the right combination to solve it.
  • Use your ingenuity to find out what is the game  mechanics that will allow you to solve it.


  • The most intelligent enemies use firearms, although there are others more brutal that use Cold Steel weapons, or they are the weapon themselves.
  • Each enemy has a different level of resistance and ability to deal damage, but almost all of them have a weak point in the head.
  • Those who use firearms use energy “nests” to recharge them.
  • There are two types of “nest”. One allows them to recover ammo. The other type of “nest” allows enemies to recover energy when they are badly damaged.
  • You can eliminate “nests” by shooting them or better, hitting them with a Cold Steel weapon, but they reappear after a few seconds. Destroying them before the enemies recharge can serve to nullify them.
  • Level bosses are extremely tough, but they all have one or more weak points to damage and eliminate.