Presentation of “The Bolt Age” in “Jornadas de Animación 2018 – EASD Alcoi”

ELast December 2018, between 17, 18 and 19 the second “Animation Days” of the School of Art and Superior Design of Alcoi were held. Within the framework of these days I had the opportunity to participate in a Conference and present “The Bolt Age” to the audience.

Actually, the talk was a bit beyond the project, and I tried to give attendees, students of the Animation Higher Cycle mostly, an overview of the sector under my experience in different fields and profiles in the world of animation . Said Cycle, of course, is taught in the named school. I must say, that I know part of the teaching staff, and even though I do not have close contact with the school, I am sure that it is a super powerful cycle and with a first level of teaching level. It would be very interesting if the EASD of Valencia and / or the EASD of Castellón were encouraged (forgive the redundancy) to offer the Cycle also, given the demand and the growth of the sector.

The experience for me was very positive, and I was pleased to see the interest of the assistants in knowing more about the project, offering some even to practice in my studio. It was a very pleasant day, in a friendly and almost family environment.

I transcribe here a small review about my intervention in this day:

“The last day of the conference took place on December 19 and closed with a talk ‘From computer graphics to videojoc: l’animation in the labor sector’ of the graphic designer and post-artist Arturo Mora.In it he stressed the importance of the change of training trend towards Design Schools that “did not implement animation, or audiovisuals and some Fine Arts faculties that did it at a more conceptual level” up to the present point where design is not conceived if a strong audiovisual component.

He also explained his passage through the old Channel 9 as a graphic artist and his experience in the implementation of Cut-out, his studio based services of Motion Graphics that combines with the creation of video games. Regarding the animation and videogame sector, he stressed that there is a big commercial interest “the entertainment industry is the one that generates the most money and within this the videogame is the most powerful”. But Mora also points to the social interest that is being demonstrated from the institutions in the form of, for example, aid to the sector: “this means that videogames and animation are increasingly integrated into cultural reality”

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