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The Bolt Age on Steam


William Bolt (Will Bolt) is a former pupil of Nikola Tesla, trained militarily to deal with hordes of various evil beings. In order to stop the world invasion, Bolt must use all his combat and intelligence capabilities. In a world with steam-based technology, Tesla’s electric weapons will make a difference.​


About the game

‘The Bolt Age” is a dynamic action game, full of prodigious retro-futurist designs (Steampunk- Dieselpunk – Raygun Gothic) and shadowy creatures from another dimension. In story mode, the player will enjoy hours of fun with this 3d Cover Shooter. We will put ourselves in the shoes of William Bolt, an intelligent apprentice of science, Nikola Tesla’s pupil, but trained in the art of war with the purpose of stopping the announced invasion of inconceivable beings, coming from a dimension of death (H.P. Lovecraft creative Worlds)

The Story

Nikola Tesla accidentally discovers in a scientific experiment, a dimension replete with horrible ancestral beings. Without proof to prove it, he begins to prepare the defense of the earth of a future invasion prophesied in esoteric sources. At the same time, he sends his pupil, William Bolt, to train in the art of war, in order that him, with the fabulous weapons developed by Tesla, will be the hero that will faces hordes of extra-dimensional beings


With original retro-futuristic atmosphere, halfway between Steampunk and Raygun Gothic, you can use up to 30 different weapons, based on the use of electricity and other types of unconventional energy.
The use of some peculiar non-lethal weapons can be a great advantage, but misused can become a setback. The intelligent and strategic use of these weapons will be a key point.


  • Interfaces; Options and inventory menus. Steampunk aesthetic.
  • Levels; 4 levels (20 sub-levels). 13 locations.
  • Progress of the game; Each level responds to the 4 main plots of the game, with different goals. To reach each objective, you must go through different scenarios facing enemies. At the end of levels (and highlights) you will face Heads of level. The ultimate goal is to activate the Wardenclyffe Tower to prevent the arrival of Cthulhu. At the beginning and between each level there will be a kinematics to drive the story.
  • Characters; Player (Will Bolt). Secondary; Tesla (not playable)
  • Enemies; 24 + 6 Boss.
  • Abilities; The player can cover himself to avoid damage, carry 4 weapons at the time, basic melee, run, overcome obstacles and bearings.
  • Weapons; 29 (5 strategic)
  • Items; Recharge, First aid kit, thophies, reward system etc.

About Cut-out studio

Arturo Mora works as a freelance in his own studio Cut-out. He works in the Motion Graphics, animation and videogames sector. He is also a specialist professor in  “Animation 2d and 3d, videogames and interactive environments (HNC)”. At the proposal of Álvaro Mártinez, a student of the HNC, he begins to take part in practical training in Cut-out studio. From this collaboration, begins to conceive ‘The Bolt Age’, as a project in which to work, changing the philosophy of the study, to do services for external customers, to make their own production.

‘The Bolt Age’ credits

Arturo Mora

Álvaro Martínez

Jesús Huguet

Felipe Iranzo

Gone Mad

Jordi Pellús


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